WooCommerce Using Gravity Forms

This document is a continuation of the Gravity Forms document here. For this demonstration, the form created in the previous document will be implemented into a WooCommerce product.


Implementing Gravity Forms in WooCommerce


  1. A form created with Gravity Forms that implements the Autoaddress control. Follow our Gravity Forms guide for information on how to do this
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Gravity Forms plugin for WooCommerce


In the admin dashboard menu, hover the mouse over the "Products" menu item. This will show the full list of menu items for WooCommerce products. Select the "Add New" sub menu item.
This will open the editor page for a new WooCommerce product and will look similar to the below image. Give the product a title.
new product page

To add the form click the "Add Form" button to open the form selection pop up box. Select your form in the drop down box and click the "Select Form" button.
A reference to the form will now appear in the editor. 
Test the product page by clicking the "Preview" button.
The Description of the new product will contain the Autoaddress form and look similar to below.

When finished, click the publish button to make the product live on your site.