This document demonstrates how to use the HTML object to insert the Autoaddress control into your WordPress website. Please follow the steps below:

Integrating the Autoaddress Plugin for WooCommerce


  1. A WordPress website with the WooCommerce plugin installed.
  2. The Autoaddress Plugin which can be downloaded from here.
  3. An Autoaddress Licence Key, contact sales@autoaddress.ie to get a developer key.


  1. Download the plugin
    • Download the plugin “autoaddress-address-lookup.zip” from GitHub here
    • Save the file locally.

  2. Upload the plugin
    • Log in to your WordPress website
    • On the Admin Dashboard, select [Plugins]
    • Select [Add New]
    • Add New Plugin
    • Click the “Upload Plugin” button
    • Click the [Choose File] button and select the “autoaddress-address-lookup.zip” file downloaded in Step 1
    • Remember to click the [Activate] button that appears after upload.
    • Upload Plugin

  3. Configure the plugin
  4. Once the installation is complete and the plugin activated, you will see “Autoaddress” as an item in the Admin dashboard.

    • Click on the “Autoaddress” item to open the General Settings form
    • Autoaddress Sidnav Item
    • The General Setting page has several settings, all of which will be pre-populated except the Licence Key. Populate with the Licence Key received from Autoaddress
    • The [Billing Address] and [Shipping Address] fields represent the HTML element ID’s. They are prepopulated with the values from the standard WooCommerce Checkout page, but can be edited
    • The [Profile Name] field represents a profile provided by Autoaddress. A profile is a means of formatting the address returned by Autoaddress. The default profile should be fine for the majority of users, but if you have special address format requirements, please contact support@autoaddress.ie
    •  General Settings Page
    • Remember to refresh the checkout page after you have made updates to General Settings.

  5. Add the plugin to your Checkout Page
    • Navigate to the [Pages] menu item and
    • Click [Edit] on the Checkout page
    • Checkout Page
    • To add the control to the billing section of your page, add the following (without the quotes): “[autoaddress_addresslookup_billing]
    • If you also require a control for the shipping address, add the following (without the quotes): “[autoaddress_addresslookup_shipping]
    • ” Checkout Page Edit
    • That’s it! Just click the [Preview] button on the top right corner of the page to see exactly what your page will look like.
    • Checkout Page Preview


If on test, you receive an error message relating to the licence key, as shown below, it means that you have not entered a licence key or entered and invalid one.

Be sure to obtain a valid key from sales@autoaddress.ie and enter it on the General Settings page as described in Step 3 above.Troubleshoot Plugin 1