Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface Integration

This Power Apps component allows you to add Autoaddress lookup functionality to your Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface CRM. 

For users with on-premises Dynamics solutions using older versions of Dynamics, the Autoaddress plug-in is still available for those versions in the link below.

Unified Interface Plugin Installation Steps

  1. Download the Unified Interface solution by following the instructions here: The required file is in the "Dynamics Unified Interface" folder. 


  2. From the dynamics home page select the app you want to add Autoaddress to. Click the settings icon in the top right of the screen. Then select advanced settings



  3. Click the drop down arrow next to settings in the top menu bar and select “Customisations”



  4. In the Customisation menu select “Customise the System”. This opens Power Apps.


  5. If the classic version opens select “Try new experience”.


  6. From here select “Solutions“ at the bottom of the left menu then click “Solutions“ at the top of the table to ensure you are in the top level of the menu


  7. Select “Import“ at the top of the page



  8. In the new window that opens, click “Choose file” and select the file downloaded in Step 1


  9. Click “Next”, then click “Import”


  10. If installing over an existing version, the following alert may display. Click "Import" to install the new version.


  11. When the solution is finished importing click “Publish All Customisations”




    This may take a while. Select “Wait” if “Stopped responding” message appears


  12. Click “Close“ – now the solution is imported. Next the control must be associated with a field.