Adding Autoaddress to Quick Create Form

Adding the Autoaddress control to the contact quick create form follows the same process as adding it to the standard form with slight variations.

Variation 1: Selecting the Correct Form

In step 1 of the Dynamics 365 document, the instructions were to select the "Contact" form. Instead, select "Contact Quick Create". This means all updates in the form editor will apply to the quick create form.

Variation 2: Javascript Files

Step 2 in the Dynamics 365 document instructed on what files need to be uploaded ​to the solution. The latest JQuery and "AutoAddressLoader" files can be added to the quick create form just as described.

If the javascript files have already been added, the "AutoAddressLoader" and latest javascript files can be added as is. A new version of the "AutoAddressContact" file will need to be added instead of using the existing one. Upload the contact file in the same manner as before however, this time, give it the "Name" and "Display Name" of  "AutoAddressContact_QuickCreate". In the "Form Properties" window, select the file "new_AutoAddressContact_QuickCreate" and click the edit button to open the file in the Dynamics text editor.

In the editor, replace: 
"var targetElement="address1_composite_compositionLinkControl_address1_line1_d";"
"var targetElement = "address1_line1_d";".