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Quality Driven Data Enrichment

We can batch append eircodes to your existing records. Autoaddress has the highest match rate and lowest error rate in the industry.  We verify and cleanse your existing address records and append additional data, such as map coordinates
Appending eircodes to your existing address records, without having to ask your customers for the information, accelerates the benefits of eircodes to your organisation at a reduced cost.



Improve Efficiency

Eliminate wasteful data cleaning expenditure, improve operational efficiency


Gain new Insights

Initiate insightful analysis of your customer interactions and spatial relationships


Single Customer View

Create a single view of customer across your channels, by individual and by household

These important benefits can be lost if even 1% of your addresses have the wrong eircode appended. It isn't just your data analytics that will be affected - communicating an incorrect eircode to your customers is a reputational risk.

Our quality driven eircode assignment process is the Gold Standard in our industry.  We used this process to append 46 million eircodes to Government department records as part of the Eircode roll-out project.

The process is illustrated below: AA Encoding Process

Phase 1

  1. We automatically match your addresses to ECAD.
  2. We group the unmatched addresses and create a workflow of Address Decisions ordered by the greatest number of records affected by each decision.  Each address decision is processed separately by two encoders.

  3. We quality assure the address decisions by reviewing them side by side with traffic light highlighting (green where they both agree, amber where only one encoder has matched the address, red where they have matched to different addresses).  The resulting quality assured address decisions are imported into our proprietary alias database.


Phase 2

  1. Currency of records is important.  We can take a fresh extract of your address records and apply all of the addresses decision information learned in Phase 1 to your addresses automatically.  We can process any size dataset within one hour.

  2. We then take a random, statistically significant sample of data to certify that the error rate of appended Eircodes is proven at a 95% confidence level to meet the target 0.25% +/- 0.05%. Our error rate was independently verified as part of our encoding of 46 million Government address records.  The statistical report is included below.

We are an Eircode Accredited Encoder as certified by Eircode.