Autoaddress - Trust the Eircode experts

Our address intelligent features quickly and accurately capture addresses.
Autoaddress validates addresses entered in the user's preferred format.

Drop into your website

Use our JavaScript control to quickly add address capture to your website.


Simple API

Autoaddress webservices enable address entry and eircode validation within your existing application.


Custom Integrations

We have integrated Autoaddress with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, WordPress, Shopify and more.

Visit our developer centre for details on our JavaScript control and API.

Developer Centre

Why Choose Autoaddress?

We Understand Irish Addresses

Ireland's non-standard and 35% non-unique addresses require a custom solution.  We constantly research and update our proprietary databases.

The Eircode Experts

We designed the Eircode format.  We designed, populated and maintain the ECAD database.  We encoded 46 million government address records.

Ease of Integration

We have the easiest to use API and JavaScript control and we've integrated Autoaddress into major CRM applications and more.

Quality Driven Eircode Assignment Process

We will batch append Eircodes to your existing records. Highest match rates and lowest error rates in the industry

Find out how your organisation can benefit from Address Intelligence.