Autoaddress 2.0 Features

Our API and JavaScript control are packed full with address intelligent features.

check Autocomplete

As you begin to type an address or eircode we show options to quickly autocomplete the address entry. We cater for common misspellings, abbreviations, optional words, etc.



check Address Searching

Automatically performs an address search if the user doesn't choose an Autocomplete option. Autocomplete on its own is not a viable solution for Irish address capture. findaddress

check Intelligent Grouping

Rather than present a long list of options for the user to scroll through, we group the addresses to enable quick drill down to the address with a smaller set of options displayed.

 This first example groups the apartments within a building:

 This example groups the businesses within a shopping centre:

check Preferred Addresses

Autoaddress returns Postal Address Compliant addresses, but can also validate and return addresses entered in the format that people currently use, which we describe as "preferred address" format.​  Enabling this mode displays the most common preferred address in autocomplete and options to your users/customers.

check Address Profiles

You can set-up an Address Profile that matches your underlying form and have addresses returned that exactly match your form layout.  In the example below, the Town and County elements of the returned address are populated in the last two lines.  We have a simple to use drag-and-drop interface for creating Address Profiles.

check Business Searching

You can search for business or residential addresses with the same simple address entry without changing configuration. businessauto

check Bilingual

Autoaddress works equally well with addresses entered in English or in Gaelige. bilingual

check Device Friendly

Our responsive JavaScript control works equally well on desktops, smartphones and tablets.  Our API's can be integrated into any internet connected device.