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1. We designed the Eircode format.


The Routing Key is in the format of Letter-Number-Number (except D6W) and is optimised for manual sortation of post.  Where possible the potential for transposition errors have been avoided (e.g. A65 and A56).  The Unique Identifier has been allocated in a manner that seeks to ensure similar addresses have very different Eircodes, and thus similar Eircodes have very different addresses.  This aids address validation.  Inappropriate or offensive terms have been restricted from the list of potential Unique Identifiers.

2. We designed, populated and maintain the ECAD database.

The Eircode Address Database (ECAD) is a relational database containing over two million addresses and eircodes.  The tables in ECAD are divided into a number of categories as follows:

  • Address - Contains the information that is used to make up an address
  • Alias - Provides information on address alias information
  • Lookup - Contains lookup information that has been normalised into separate tables
  • Information - Holds non address information related to the Address Tables
  • Historical - Provides detail of retired or changed building records and their related Eircodes

3. We appended eircodes to 46 million government address records.


 Our quality-driven eircode assignment process is the Gold Standard in our industry.  This process was used by a forty-person Capita team to append over 46 million eircodes to Government department records as part of the Eircode ​roll-out project.

4. We designed, built, host and maintain Eircode Finder.

Eircode Finder is a responsive mobile friendly site that will allow members of the public to find or check an eircode for free.  Eircode Finder licenses our Autoaddress 2.0 API.

5. We designed the Eircode encoding accreditation programme.

It is vital for the Eircode project that existing address databases are appended with correct eircodes.  To ensure the quality of this process Eircode provide a sample dataset to to be appended and measure the error rate of the returned eircodes.  If the error rate is above the acceptable threshold a report is returned detailing the main types of errors and provides suggestions to reduce these errors.